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Volunteer Positions Needed 


Dean of Men/Dean of Women - We Coordinate counselor/camper relationships


Professional Counselor - Assist counselors to alleviate tension with campers and deal with troubling issues 

Child Placement - Work with Social Services to contact potential

Coach - Plan and lead organized games each day

12 Counselors - Know the whereabouts of my campers every minute. Share my P.M.A. all week. Lead Campers in a meaningful week of camp. 


Counselor Relief Coordinators - Provide relief personnel for counselors nightly. 

Grandpa/Grandma/Aunt/Uncle - Give safe hugs/read stories to campers. Provide general assistance throughout camp. 

Counselor Assistants - Work with assigned counselor. “Plug in” when necessary 

All Volunteers

Encouraging everyone with love. Cheer their successes. Guide them with patient wisdom. Observe creation together with awe and wonder. Help campers to recognize God in the midst of their lives.

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