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Camp is right around the corner. If your child is attending Camp Journey (5th-8th) they will be leaving Monday, July 13th at 8:00 am sharp and returning Friday afternoon, July 17th.  Camp Inspire (9th-12th) will be leaving Monday, July 20th at 8:00 am sharp and returning Saturday afternoon on July 25th.

Below you will find all the info you will need for your camp experience.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. You can contact us by email ( or at the Connecting Point on Sundays at all service times.


Concession Stand 

Breakfast and dinner are provided but your camper will need to purchase their own lunch each day. The concession stand also opens each afternoon for snacks and after evening services with the full menu available. 

They will also need money for lunch at McDonald's on the way to camp and on the way home.

Soda/Powerade $1.50 Water $1.00

Chicken Strips $3.50  Chicken Strip Basket $4.50  Chicken Strip Basket w/ cheese $4.75

Chicken Strip Basket w/ chili cheese $5  Chicken sandwich $3.50  Ham & Turkey Sandwich $2.50

Cheese Stick $3.50 Nachos $2.50  French Fries $1.25  Cheese Fries $1.50  Chili Cheese Fries $2  Frito Boat $2.50 Salad $2.50  Chicken Salad $4.50  Hot Dog $1.50  Chili Dog $1.75

Ice Cream Floats $1.50  Hand-Dipped Ice Cream $1.00  Candy $1.00


Camp Activities

Camp Journey campers can choose up to 2 activities, Camp Inspire can choose up to 3 activities. Please bring cash in the EXACT amount needed for activities.

I will have waivers available at the Connecting Point on Sunday and they will also be available the morning we leave for camp.


Horseback Riding - $25

Zip Lining - $35 Must have signed waiver or you will not be allowed to participate. Also must be 10 years old and weigh 80 pounds.

Paintball - $10 per day (2 day max) 2 Day Rental: $20 (Gun, Mask, CO2, 200 Paintballs). You may come back at anytime during those days and pay just for paint, ($4/100 paintballs) once you have paid your initial weekly rental. Pay Per Day: $10 per Day (Gun, Mask, CO2, 100 Paintballs). Pay per day rate is only good for one day. You will still be allowed to buy more paint ($4/100 paintballs) Must have signed waiver or you will not be allowed to participate. NO PAINT MAY BE BROUGHT IN TO RIVER POINTE

Kayaking - $25 7 mile scenic trip down the river. A life jacket is required for this trip.

River Rafting - $20 A certified lifeguard will accompany each float trip. The rafts are not able to tip.

Tubing - $8

Cave Trip - $10 A tour of the Onondaga Cave.

Bowling - $10 This will be a two hour bowling session.

Camp Picture - Free A Professional 8 x 10 picture will be posted online for you to viewing and print.


What To Bring

□ Bedding-sleeping bag is the easiest!

□ Pillow

□ Camp Day Clothes  

□ Camp Night Clothes 

-we recommend 2 outfits per day, they will need them! We also recommend they bring warm clothes to sleep in , the dorms are cold at night!

□ Tennis Shoes 

□ Flip Flops (shower) 

□ River shoes (rafting/tubing) 

□ Toiletries 

□ Swimsuits Girls: modest one-piece, must wear t-shirt if only have two-piece Guys: swim trunks 

□ Flashlight 

□ Prescription Medication

□ Bible 

□ Pen/paper 

□ Laundry bag 

□ Bag for wet clothes 

□ Towels (beach/bath) 

□ Sunscreen 

□ Insect repellent 


Items Not To Bring 

No cell phones or electronic games -you may bring them for the trip to and from camp but there is no cell service or wifi on the campground.

No radios, CD, mp3, iPods or iPads 

No food, drinks, coolers, refrigerators, etc

No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products*

No knives of any kind* 

No clothing with vulgar or suggestive slogans 

No firearms or fireworks* 

No prank or gag materials *

*Campers bringing these items into camp will be immediately dismissed. 



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