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Mountain Movers Church

Internship Program


Loyalty to Christ and the leadership of MMC.

Christ-like Attitude

Humility – think of others higher than yourself…don’t be prideful.

Hard Work Ethic - in all that you are committed to.

Excellence in everything that you do.

Holiness - live your life for an audience of ONE, separate yourself from sin.

Respect for all people- kids, parents, and leadership.

Disciplined to follow through.

Honor for all others, especially those in authority over you.


Disciplinary guidelines provide guardrails to what type of conduct is acceptable and what is unacceptable.  If an intern works hard and has a good attitude, they will do well.  If disciplinary measures must be taken, the following can be expected…


  • Either of the following three parties may be confronting you about your conduct or behavior:

           1.  Intern Director

           2.  The Team Leader (in the area you are serving)

           3.  Lead Pastors Brad and Misti. 

  • The Team Lead or Intern Director has the authority to either fill out an incident report on you or ask you to leave the area your serving in and report to the adult service.

  • Once an intern is written up, they will meet with the Intern Director and have to give an account.  Necessary actions will be taken to correct the situation

  • If an intern is written up a second time, they will be excused from serving the next time they are scheduled to serve (one service sit- the-bench).

  • If a third incident occurs, the intern will be removed from the internship program and can re-apply at a later time (with no promise of being able to return).


  • Interns will grow into the people God has called them to be through accountability and spiritual development.

  • Interns get the privilege of being mentored by Leadership that love them on a weekly basis.

  • Interns will gain practical experience in many areas of ministry and life.

  • Interns will build bonds of friendship that may last a lifetime.

  • Interns will get to hang out in the Interns Lounge on Sunday’s (with wi-fi and refreshments) after having attended a service and served a service.

  • Interns will enjoy an Interns Day’s Out.  Interns will be treated to a trip off campus at least once a quarter to hangout and have fun.  This is on the church and an effort to let the interns know how valuable they are and to also learn to take a break sometimes.

  • Interns who faithfully serve one year and attend summer camp will have their registration paid for by Mountain Movers Church.

I understand and agree the guidelines and requirments for the internship program 

I understand and agree the guidelines and requirments for the internship program 

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