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Mountain Movers Church

Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in the Internship program of Mountain Movers Church!  
We believe God has created everyone for a specific purpose and calling.  It is our passion to pour into people who are serious about finding their ministry as individuals.  The Mountain Movers Internship Program is designed to mentor, mold, and shape, as well as provide practical-hands on experience in many areas of ministry and outreach.  It is meant to grow you as a follower of Christ and as a leader. 

Internship Vision

To help student leaders to development their calling, character, and competency.

Internship Values

  • Leadership development must be intentional.
 Development must involve a focused and purposeful approach, not haphazard busyness. Too often, internship programs are used as a breeding ground for grunt labor. We recognize this tendency and want to insure we are pouring into our interns’ lives.

  • We believe that development takes place within the context of ministry. Leadership development must involve practical application, working within an active ministry context, for it to be useful.

  • We believe that development takes place within the context of relationship.
 Strong relationships between peers and ministry leaders is crucial.  Oftentimes the most significant thing we can do as developing leaders is to simply be around other more mature leaders to learn by observation and through relationship.

  • We believe that development must be holistic.
 Development must address a range of issues including personal, spiritual, ministry skills, and missional development with the aim of developing the whole person.


The internship program is a three month long, intensive leadership development program designed to both equip leaders in ministry and to further the ministry of Mountain Movers Church.  It includes practical development of ministry skills, leadership opportunities in specific ministry areas, personal development, interaction with pastoral staff, ministry exposure outside of specific ministries, and spiritual development.

The internship program involves personal leadership assessment, and ministry experience in specific ministries, and church-wide outreach projects.Interns will be given a broad range of experience, as well as the opportunity to serve in areas of interest to grow and develop in.


  • Must exhibit evidence of a growing relationship with Christ, a willingness to learn, and an outstanding attitude with a desire to be a team player.  

  • Must have previously served on the MMC Serve Team faithfully for three months before applying to become an intern. 

  • A letter of recommendation from the applicants’ previous Serve Team Lead must be submitted in order to be considered for acceptance.

  • Interns will always be expected to demonstrate the highest level of integrity at all times, on and off campus.

  • Interns over the age of 16 must be able to produce a clean background report.


Interns are expected to…

  • Grow daily with the Lord through personal devotions (prayer and Bible study).

  • Complete and submit a daily Bible journal to the Intern Director on Sunday after Serve Team Huddles.  If an intern doesn’t have their Bible Journal, they will have to “sit the bench” the following Sunday, from serving, and from being in the intern’s lounge. 

  • Sit One – Serve One. Interns must attend one service and serve one service. Interns will not be allowed to serve if they haven’t yet attended a service. (Student interns will be expected to attend Momentum as their service).

  • Serve on a specific team (MMK, First Impressions, AV, etc.) Interns will be assigned in a specific zone for 1 month.  At the end of the month, the Intern Director will survey the intern to ensure they are enjoying the zone they are assigned.  (MMK interns who are on STAGE will serve through an entire 8 Week series before being evaluated).

           *If an intern doesn’t enjoy the zone they are serving in and/or the Team Lead feels they are not a good fit, the Intern                      Director will need to recommend a new team for the intern to serve on.

  • Check in 45 minutes prior to start time for any event or experience.  Interns must also attend the Team Huddle prior to the service they are serving (which will include a time of devotion as well as a time of training in the specific areas of ministry). (FAILURE TO ATTEND WILL RESULT IN SITTING THE BENCH THE NEXT SERVICE….IT IS VITAL THAT THE INTERN IS BEING TRAINED AND DISCIPLED OUTSIDE OF SERVICE IN ORDER TO GROW IN PERSONAL, LEADERSHIP, AND MINISTRY TRAINING.

  • Check-out with the team leader or teacher in that zone before leaving.  

  • Work where scheduled.  Interns cannot switch unless the Team Lead needs to make a schedule adjustment based on absentees.

  • Faithfully attend Interns’ Leadership Life Group – Wednesday Nights 6:00pm – 6:20pm.  (Interns from blended families will be expected to attend when their MMC parent is present.

  • Attend Regularly.  Absence from a service is seriously discouraged because it is the practical experience of the internship. If it is absolutely necessary to be absent, interns must clear it with their Director and Team Lead for the department they are assigned.  Interns will only be allowed three absences in the course of each quarter, after which time they will be removed from the program and would have to re-apply no earlier than the following quarter.)

  • Honor the “Friend Rule”.  NO friends can serve alongside an intern.  However, they can request a “Guest Badge” and will be allowed to visit the intern’s lounge after they have sat in a service. 

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