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When is Camp?

June 24th - June 28th 

What is the Cost?


What is Royal Family Kids Camp?

Royal Family KIDS Camp is a one-week resident summer camp especially designed with the foster child and other at-risk children In mind. These camps are part of a growing network of camps nationwide. The camping experience is geared for success, recognizing the needs of abused, neglected and abandoned children. The activities are non-competitive, non-threatening and fun. 

Each child is paired with an adult counselor (there's a strict ratio of one adult counselor to every 2 campers). All counselors and staff are volunteers who have been carefully screened and trained to work with children in the dependency care system, so you can be assured your foster child is in good hands. 


At camp, your foster child will receive lots of individual attention in a wholesome environment, participating in a variety of fun and educational activities such as: 


• singing • activity centers 

• games • games 

• Bible stories • swimming 

• hikes • and special events 

• sports 


The attention of caring adults, building friendships with other children from the "system" and the thrill of successfully completing projects and sports all result in a host of positive memories and enhanced self-esteem.

A Week of Positive Memories 

As a foster parent, you're the real hero: providing an abandoned or abused child with a safe home and security. But you may need a break. And your foster child's life and outlook can be enhanced by happy memories which can aid in the healing of the scars of abuse and provide a foundation for future happiness. 


There's a camp "grandma and grandpa" who share hugs and stories and listen to children - and in many ways, they fill a vital role for children who may not have grandparents or may never see them. There's a camp theme which emphasizes to foster children how they are loved, important and cared for.


“The overall effectiveness of Royal Family KIDS camps that I have experienced is that one week at camp can be as effective as 1 year of counseling sessions.”

Becca C. Johnson, Ph.D.

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