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Use your gifts and talents to make a difference by serving online or on campus. 

Serve Team

Join the Serve Team. Gain a Family.

Joining the serve team is the best way to connect with others while making a difference at Mountain Movers Church. Whether it's greeting at our doors or hosting our online family, we'll help you find the volunteer tribe that's right for you! 


Start living your purpose TODAY... 

Find Your New Volunteer Tribe... 

Parking Team

On the Parking Team (AKA: Party Team) you will help create an atmosphere of excitement the moment families pull into our parking lots while ensuring the flow of traffic is safe and smooth for everyone. 

This team consists of 3 positions: One person at the entrance with a sign, a BIG smile, and a wave, one directing traffic, one showing each family where to park. This team serves rain or shine, in it to win it!!



As a host or hostess on the First Impressions Team you get to meet and acclimate our new families (AKA: V.I.Ps). Your objective is for their first experience at MMC to be stress-free and for them to feel like family. This position is ideal for customer service professionals with a heart for hospitality.

Gaining V.I.P. contact information is crucial for our Connections Team to perform their first experience follow-up.

Worship Hosts

As a member of the Worship Host Team you serve as a host/ hostess that is dedicated to helping families find the perfect seats while also working hard to maintain a distraction free environment for everyone in the auditorium during the worship experiences and for those joining us online. 

Door Greeter

As a door greeter you are the front lines for our First Impressions Team. You get to roll out the red carpet while creating a smooth flow of traffic for each MMC family that enters The House of God. Opening a door and sharing your smile is a sincere expression of love and honor for others.

It's also a great workout!!


The Move 

You have two team options to choose from - The Move Bookstore and/or The Move Coffee Shop. If you were to go to work for Books a Million or Barnes and Noble which area would you prefer to serve in - The bookstore or the coffee shop? Serving in the bookstore equips people to grow in their relationship with God while making Jesus Famous. Serving in the coffee shop is like working at Starbucks with a whole lotta Jesus. Go with your gut here. Both are amazing places to serve if you love people! 

Worship Team

Do you have the heart of a worshiper? Are you living a life that screams “Follow me as I follow Christ!” Do you have a cultivated gift to sing or play?! This isn’t a stage for entertainers or a platform for performers. This is a privilege to use your gifts to lead people into the presence of God while opening their hearts to receive His Word. 


Are you a techy? Do you like learning new things? On the AVL Team you will get your hands on the engineering and the production side of audio, video, and lighting in the auditorium. This is the team that makes the magic happen behind the scenes and makes the band and communicators look good. This team is crucial for creating a professional and seamless experience for all to enjoy.

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Do you have the gift of photography? It is a gift. Here at MMC we don’t just take pictures, we capture moments. We capture emotions. We capture real and contagious life-change in real-time! God is doing so much in the lives of everyday people at MMC. The pictures that are taken allows our marketing to communicate the vision from within while telling our story of hope to the world.

Broadcast Team 

Do you ever wonder what goes into taking the live Sunday experience from the room to multiple devices around the world? On the Broadcast team you will be given the opportunity to serve behind video cameras in the room during the worship experience or possibly in the Broadcast Studio mixing the online audio, or even directing the shots at the video console. If Video Production interests you and you want to be a part of spreading the message of Christ to the masses the Broadcast Team may be just the team for you. 

Church Online

You don’t have to be local to get in on life-change! There are many opportunities to serve with our online team. Our digital campus is growing rapidly every week and we need more people than ever before who see the value in leveraging social technology to engage, encourage, and equip others to live their purpose. Who said you have to have a building to “have church”? The people are the Church! If you love people and you want to be a part of a growing trend that is reaching the masses, the Online Campus may be the right place for you to serve.


Little Movers

MMK Volunteer Positions

Kid Connect

At MMC we are serious about security. Our Child Check-in Team strives to help parents efficiently check their children in while safely checking their children out before and after each experience. Our check-in team is a bridge of safety and information for parents and children alike. 

On the Little Movers Nursery Team you will help create a safe, calm, and loving environment for infants and toddlers to learn about Jesus while helping parents to feel at ease during the Sunday worship and/or mid-week life-group experiences.

Mighty Movers

Our Preschool and Kindergarten age students might be little in stature, but they are MIGHTY in spirit. Serving on the Mighty Movers Team will allow you to play in the floor, do arts and crafts, sing songs, play games, but also share life-changing lessons and bible stories with our littles to build their faith in Christ as their savior and friend.


This is where the Word of God really comes to life through live skits, energy driven kids worship, crazy competitions, and fun videos that drive home the main point. In this zone you will have the opportunity to get your feet wet with audio, video, and lighting, or you may prefer to be on stage making the word come to life, or serving as a kid connector where you can rub shoulders with the students one on one. 

XLR8 Volunteer


Every 6 seconds a teenager takes their own life. In a day and age where gender is questioned, sexuality is confusing, and social media has our teens less social than ever, students need the truth. They need to know God’s vision for morality before it’s too late. They need people who will love them and listen to them. XLR8 offers many volunteer opportunities from AVL technology, to greeting at the doors, registration, food service, worship, small groups, and more. If you love Jesus and you love students, you’ll love serving in XLR8 on Wednesday nights.


Grounds & Maintenance

Are you handy? Do you enjoy the maintenance side of things? Do you enjoy fixing things, building things, and working outside? Our Grounds and Maintenance team is a team of hard working laborers that remain on call for small projects and gather periodically for work days or work nights as needed. It is a “Come if you can.” commitment. There’s no condemnation for those that can’t. Sound like fun? Join the team!

Green Team

Are you a clean freak? They are few and far between, a rare breed of incredibles, but some people just love cleaning. If that’s you, we need you to join our tribe. We take pride in keeping God’s house clean for His people and His glory while we tell His story of real and contagious life-change to those who walk through our doors. We’re O.C.D. for G.O.D. Want in? Join our team today.

Ready to serve?

Sign up now and see what God can do through you. 

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