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Welcome to MMC



We are...

a Church for people who don't like Church. Whether you have been around church your entire life, or you are just checking out this whole "religion thing" for the first time, or the only reason you are attending is because your friends or family bribed you, you are definitely welcome here!  It doesn't matter what you look like, where you're from, or what you believe.  We can't wait to get to know you and your family.

What to expect on the weekend

We know that visiting a new church can be really intimidating, especially if you don't know anyone. We will be there for you through the whole experience from the time you pull into the parking lot, to the time you return to your car.  We make it as easy and enjoyable as possible so you can focus on what matters most- building new friendships that will add value to your life and hearing messages that will inspire reflection and positive change for your life.


What should I wear?

First Question people usually ask...Is there a dress code? Yes.  Wear clothes please!  Really just come as you are.  Some like to come casual in shorts, hat, and flip flops in the summer (we are a lake community) and some feel more comfortable dressed to the nines.  However you come is cool with us.  You being with us is what matters most.

Will everyone know it's my first time?

It's totally up to you! We love meeting new comers and treating them like the VIP's they are. When you arrive to any of our experiences, you'll be greeted warmly

by our parking team.  We would love for you to stop by the Connecting Point in the foyer and let us know it is your first time.  This will allow us to get you connected with one of our hosts/ hostesses. 

Our Host Team can't wait to give you a personal tour of the buildings and answer all your questions.


What about my kids?

We pride ourselves in having great experiences for kids.  Your child will be safely checked in to the zone that is age appropriate for them. Mountain Movers Kids range from nursery to 5th grade. Because we take your child's safety seriously, you will be given a sticker with a number designation at the "Kid Connect".  Your number is a random, computer generated number that will match the sticker we place on your child's shirt.  This way, only you can check your child out.  Just a heads up, don't be annoyed if your child drives you crazy with how much they learned, how much fun they had, and how YOU will need to make plans to bring their friends the following week.  It's that good!

To learn more about Mountain Movers Kids click here

If you have teens, check out XLR8, our Student Ministry. 

What's the worship like?

This church likes to rock!  Don't believe us? You will find disposable earplugs conveniently located in a basket mounted to the main entry doors to the Worship Center.  Don't let that scare you though.  It's not that loud, we just try to be thoughtful of those that like their music a little on the softer side.   


We believe our music is a gift to God and that He actually enjoys it.  You will

notice that a lot of people get excited about the music.  For instance, some

people like to stand, clap, shout, and raise their hands, but no worries, it's not

anything weird.  The Church just really loves expressing to God how much they love Him.  You just be yourself.  No one's going to judge you if you choose to just sit down and listen.  We will just be glad to have you with us!


What about the "preaching"?

 Need inspiration for you life? You are going to want to bring a notepad  and prepare to have fun!  Pastors Brad, Misti, and our team of communicators believe it's a sin to bore people in church.  They present the writings of God's words in a way that is fun and yet really applicable at the same time. If you are like most who dawn the doors of MMC, you will probably feel like God is speaking directly to you because, well, He will be.  We believe He is always speaking to us.  The question we have to ask ourselves is, "Are we listening and putting it into practice?"

Click here to check out our latest messages. 

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