Wednesday nights

Who we are

XLR8 is the student movement of Mountain Movers Church for all students in 6th-12th grade.We know that it's tough being a teen.  We understand that you are constantly faced  with all sorts of opportunities and struggles that pull you away from God. 

XLR8 exists to lead students into a real and life changing relationship with Jesus that is contagious. You will learn how to  rely  on God to shape  your  decisions,  choose the right friends, interact with  others, and  how to determine His plan for YOUR future. 

We have an incredible team of adult leaders who will not only hang out with you, but teach you,  mentor you, and love you unconditionally.

Every Wednesday, students will experience creativity, biblical teaching, live music, competitions, and the opportunity to build authentic and healthy relationships.

Join us Wednesday Nights at 6:30 pm